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After finishing my studies I realised that office jobs are not my piece of cake. Locked inside an office all day, staring at a computer while daydreaming about escaping to the nice weather outside was just not the kind of life I wanted to set myself up for. Unfortunately I have studied political science, so I had turn things around a bit.

Last winter I got the opportunity to work as a guide. More specifically, I was an activity guide at a small company called Explore the North in Swedish Lapland. Most of the guiding was half or full day tours, with a few overnight opportunities. It was a really nice experiencing working with snow mobiles, cross country, snow shoe and ice fishing activities. Besides of that, I spent a lot of time helping out in the kennel, taking care of the 130 dogs that are lived with us at the lodge.It was not too adventurous, no expedition-style guiding yet, but still very nice to work outside during the day and teach people a great deal about the region. Furthermore gained heaps of practical knowledge to be used for future outdoor activities.

Tippie Särkimukka

This summer I am working as a train guide in the Norwegian fjords. Honestly, there is not that much guiding about it, it mostly a job of crowd steering and providing information. But it’s still interesting to learn how to deal with people. Standing in front of crowds can be intimidating. It’s a challenge sometimes to overcome yourself and stand up in front of them to get things going in the right direction. But the beauty of being here lies in the beauty of the surroundings. Hiking in the surrounding fjords and mountains definitely makes up for the less exiting job.

It’s deliberating not to spent time locked in an office. Days are long and the work is hard, but it’s fun. And that is what it’s all about.


Eef De Boeck

Welcome to Travelnorth, a blog about living and roaming around the north of Europe. My name is Eef De Boeck, I'm 26 years old and come from Belgium. 3 years ago I chose to move to Sweden and ever since I live in Northern Europe.

After finishing my studies last summer, I realised I wanted to have a different kind of life. One that would allow me to be active, be outside, be close to nature. I worked as a guide in Swedish Lapland last winter and now live in the fjords in Western Norway for the summer.

I'm fascinated about outdoor life and the world's northernmost regions. Through this blog, I hope to show you why I love this place of vast forests, tundra and ice.

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Absolute favourite hikes

Sarek National Park , Kvikkjokk to Ritsem over the Pårte massif, Sweden

Jostedalen National Park , Suppheller to Flatbrehytta, Norway

Folgefonna National Park , Sundal to Odda over the Folgefonna glacier, Norway

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