Naturkompaniets Skattjakt

By travelnorth on 2013.10.21 In Hiking Sweden

Naturkompaniet Skattjakt

Every autumn and spring, Naturkompaniet organises a treasure hunt and hides 70 bottles filled with goodies and a value coupon all over Sweden. Quite a lot of them end up in and around Stockholm. At 19.00 last Friday, they released the coordinates of the treasures. All geared up, ready to take a train somewhere to the outskirts of Stockholm and walk half the night through the forest, we waited at Gullmarsplan to find out which direction exactly we would be going in. 

Unfortunately the big night hike we hoped for did not come. The treasures were quite close to the centre, so highly overprepared we decided to go for Skogskyrkogården as that stop was on the first train passing. From there we ran to the forest around the cemetery, being the second team in place. As we looked and looked and looked for over 15 minutes, more and more people came and in the end there were over a dozen looking for the shiny green bottle somewhere in a radius of five to ten meters from the coordinates. “Oh no no no don’t let another team find it! We ran so hard!”

When someone shouted woohooooo followed by a second woohooooo I recognized my team mates’ voices. Hurraay! Happy with our found treasure and left with dead phones, we cracked our victory beers and had our prepared midnight snacks.

You can find the full story on our strategy planning and euphoric evening on the blog 28 Summits.

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