Why North?


“But isn’t it cold there?” is probably the most frequently asked question when I explain people where I live and where I travel. Some of my friends and family never understood why I moved in this direction and not southwards, or why I keep on crossing the Arctic circle every time I can instead of enjoying the beach on a warm summer day. So what is it that draws me up here?

Northern Europe is an astonishing place to travel around. Sometimes I have the impression that many people are unaware of the natural beauty they can discover close to home. We don’t need to fly halfway around the world to find a mind-blowing view. Up here, forests are vast, national parks are desolate and people are few. Travel off the beaten track and you are able to you disappear for weeks at once. You can go and discover your own trails or paddle to settlements that have no roads connecting them to the outside world. It is a world apart from what lies further south, one in which I feel alive and free.

I created this blog because I found myself amazed on many of the trips I took, and I wanted to share these experiences with others. I hope you enjoy reading and that one day you might come to see it for yourself.


Eef De Boeck

Welcome to Travelnorth, a blog about living and roaming around the north of Europe. My name is Eef De Boeck, I'm 26 years old and come from Belgium. 3 years ago I chose to move to Sweden and ever since I live in Northern Europe.

After finishing my studies last summer, I realised I wanted to have a different kind of life. One that would allow me to be active, be outside, be close to nature. I worked as a guide in Swedish Lapland last winter and now live in the fjords in Western Norway for the summer.

I'm fascinated about outdoor life and the world's northernmost regions. Through this blog, I hope to show you why I love this place of vast forests, tundra and ice.

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Absolute favourite hikes

Sarek National Park , Kvikkjokk to Ritsem over the Pårte massif, Sweden

Jostedalen National Park , Suppheller to Flatbrehytta, Norway

Folgefonna National Park , Sundal to Odda over the Folgefonna glacier, Norway

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